Why We Love Teeth Straightening… and Why Busy Professionals Should Too!

Let’s face it, first impressions are crucial. As the principal dentist at the Bright and White Dental Spa, I have completed multiple straightening treatments and noted the positive impact on strengthening personal lives and careers.

Seeing the outcomes of my lovely patients who have taken up treatment has inspired me to build a service catered for London-based professionals.

In this blog, I’ll be telling you why we love teeth straightening and why busy professionals should consider it an investment.

In the busy working world of London, we are too aware of how often books are judged entirely by their covers; be it by shape, size, colour or illustration, first impressions are crucial in making your mark.

Positive Response

I often speak to many of my patients who have had their teeth straightened and while the aesthetic results are amazing, the profound impact of completing treatment is life changing.

For many patients, straight teeth have meant a better career, more success and wealth.  A recent study conducted by Kelton Global – who are a globally recognised market research consultancy, revealed that people with a straighter smile are perceived to be 45% more likely to get a job when competing with someone who has a similar skill set and experience, with a crooked smile. Read more about the study here.

Is investing the time worth the effort? Perhaps you think you’re too busy to schedule in a straightening treatment? Or you want the perfect smile but don’t want to use up your valuable holiday time?

I am proud to tell you that we have tailored our services for those with a busy schedule, and here’s how:

  • Free assessments for those wanting some professional advice or an opinion.
  • Open until 9pm so you can fit treatments around your work and social life (that’s no time off work!).
  • Just a 5 minute walk from Central Line Station.
  • Only 20 minutes from Liverpool Street Station.
  • Free parking!
  • Only 500 yards from M11 and A406.

As part of the follow-up service, I often notice a boost in confidence and demeanour, “it’s my secret” but the follow-up session is one of the most rewarding parts of treating busy professionals!

Undergoing treatment can achieve far more than a better appearance. The benefits of treatment have been proven to ripple throughout life, from progressing your career to enhancing your social circles, one of my favourite personal outcomes is the confidence boost!

A Nice Smile Goes A Long Way

Not to forget the cliche “A Nice Smile Goes a Long Way”, an old saying, but a great smile has been found to be a trustworthy measure! In the same study a staggering number 73% (nearly three in four), of those claimed that they would be more likely to trust someone with a nice smile than someone with a good job, outfit, or car.

When it comes to attracting a partner on a dating site, those with a straight smile form relationships more quickly! I’m not saying it’s all in the smile but presenting the best version of you is what teeth straightening is all about, with 57% of people more inclined towards a partner with a straighter smile.

Statistics sourced from a study conducted by Kelton Global –  Read more about the study here.

As the principal of Bright and White Dental Spa, I have noticed a trend of career driven patients booking treatments to develop a more Perceptible, Persuasive, and Personal image.

Teeth Straightening Choices for Busy Professionals

Bright White Dental Spa has a long-standing reputation for high standards, discretion and efficiency. We can provide several flexible treatment plans that allow us to distinguish which method is best for you, these including:

Invisalign® –  Is the “almost invisible” way to straighten your smile without wearing conventional metal braces. Invisalign® uses a series of clear, removable custom-made aligners to move each tooth into place. As you remove your aligners before you eat and drink, there are no food restrictions or problems with flossing or brushing. This technology is also more comfortable and avoids the mouth abrasions that can be caused by the metal and wires of conventional braces.

Fast Braces™ –  This technology is a fast, safe, easy and affordable treatment that comes with a lifetime satisfaction commitment from Bright & White Dental Spa. With the patented triangular design of the braces, cutting edge techniques and a special heat-activated wire, this new technology is revolutionary.

Six Month Smile – Is a clear brace with small, tooth-coloured wires that are designed to blend in with the smile for ultimate discreetness. They gently move the tooth into place causing minimal discomfort, and treatment is usually complete within four to nine months. The braces are also a more cost effective alternative to traditional systems.

Ongoing Benefits

The benefits of these treatments extend past the aesthetics of a straighter smile, right through to the emotional confidence building and the physical advantages that lead to better oral health.

Deciding to take the next step and book an assessment may be one of the most important decisions you can make and as an experienced practitioner, I welcome any questions or discussions you would like to have about treatment.

We are here to make you smile

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