What Is Cosmetic Contouring?

Cosmetic contouring

Cosmetic contouring, also known as enameloplasty, is the reshaping and resizing of the teeth. It involves making small alterations to the teeth to level an uneven smile and correct chipped, fractured, irregular-shaped, longer, overlapped, or pointed teeth.

It is a minimally invasive technique and a quick and simple procedure in which small amounts of enamel are gently removed using an instrument such as a sanding disc or abrasive file to change the shape, surface, or length of the tooth’s surface.

This is a permanent procedure as tooth enamel does not grow back so you will not need continuous treatment. The procedure can be completed in as little as half an hour so you only need one short appointment for instant results.

Cosmetic contouring is perfect for fixing minor imperfections and won’t create very drastic changes because the enamel is very thin so only a small amount can be removed. Hence, this treatment can be limited for those with more severe issues such as very crooked or misshapen teeth who may be better suited to braces or veneers. Cosmetic contouring is, however, often used in conjunction with other dental treatments including braces and veneers to perfect a smile.

This is a painless treatment as there are no nerves in the surface enamel so you will not feel any pain. However, you may experience some discomfort and tooth sensitivity following the procedure as the amount of enamel protecting the tooth has been reduced.

Cosmetic contouring is a quick, pain-free, easy, and affordable method, ideal for those with minor cosmetic dental problems. Reshaping can make your teeth appear straighter, even out your teeth, and perfect, enhance, and rejuvenate your smile.

Small changes can make a big difference to your teeth. So ask your dentist today if cosmetic contouring is right for you. At Bright & White Dental Spa, we offer cosmetic contouring for £45 per tooth to help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted.

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