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Teeth Whitening London
Teeth whitening can brighten your smile restoring your teeth to a whiter shade for a huge boost in self-confidence. As our teeth naturally darken with age, a whiter smile appears more youthful and healthy. It makes a huge difference in how you look and feel.

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Why do teeth lose their whiteness?

There are many causes. The most common include aging and consumption of staining substances such as coffee, tea, colas, tobacco, red wine, etc. During tooth formation, consumption of tetracycline, certain antibiotics or excessive fluoride may also cause tooth discoloration.

ZOOM! Teeth whitening

Zoom! is a whitening process that takes place in the dental surgery. It achieves a brighter, whiter smile in a single appointment, using a combination of a safe, chemical bleaching reaction and a special UV whitening light.

Dentist checks the level of teeth whitening the patient's teeth with a dentist's color.

Why choose zoom! Teeth whitening?

  • Fast and convenient
  • Long-lasting
  • Low sensitivity
  • Proven to be safe and effective
  • Performed by a Dental Professional

How long does Zoom! Chairside Whitening take?

The complete procedure takes just over an hour. The procedure begins with a preparation period followed as little as by 45 minutes of whitening. (A cleaning is recommended prior to the actual Zoom! whitening session.)

How does the Zoom! In-office system work?

The Zoom! light-activated whitening gel’s active ingredient is Hydrogen Peroxide. As the Hydrogen Peroxide is broken down, oxygen enters the enamel and dentin, whitening coloured substances while the structure of the tooth is unchanged. The Zoom! light aids in activating the hydrogen peroxide and helps it penetrate the surface of the tooth. A study has shown that use of the Zoom! lamp increases the effectiveness of the Zoom! gel by 26% or more, giving an average improvement of up to eight shades.

How long do the results last?

By following some simple post whitening care instructions, your teeth will always be lighter than they were before. To keep your teeth looking their best, we recommend flossing, brushing twice daily, and occasional touch-ups with Zoom! Home whitening trays. These are professional formula products designed specifically to keep your teeth their brightest. They are available only through your dental professional.

Are there any side effects?

Sensitivity during the treatment may occur with some patients. The Zoom! light generates minimal heat which is the usual source of discomfort. On rare occasions, minor tingling sensations are experienced immediately after the procedure, but always dissipate.

Enlighten whitening

For the brightest smile on the marketing, we offer Enlighten whitening. This system combines a home-whitening kit with in-surgery top ups to ensure dazzling results.


Patient in dental surgery

Why have home whitening?

While home whitening does take longer than in-surgery whitening, it does have many benefits. Using a custom-made whitening tray, the finish is incredibly even and the results are spectacular. You can also reuse the mouth trays and purchase top-up gels so you can keep your smile white for as long as you like.

Home whitening also has a low sensitivity so you are much less likely to encounter any reaction to the bleaching.

What does Enlighten Teeth Whitening involve?

The first step is gathering impressions for us to create accurate mouth trays. We check the fit of the trays once we have them back from the lab. We will instruct on how to wear the trays and how to apply the whitening gel. We take extra steps to reduce any sensitivity, including showing how desensitise teeth at home.
You’ll need to wear the trays for two weeks at night, using one syringe for the first week and the other for the second.

We conclude the treatment with in-surgery whitening. Once this has been completed, your teeth will have reached the desired shade.

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