Root Canal Therapy

Root canal treatment aims to eradicate or prevent infection. The process involves removing diseased or damaged pulp from a tooth, then filling and sealing the pulp chamber and root canals. The tooth will then require a filling or crown depending on the state of the tooth.


At Bright & White Dental Spa we have the benefit of having a very experienced Endodontist to perform the Root Canal Therapy and we only use the best materials and latest technology, so can achieve high success at root canal treatment.

As part of our commitment to best practice and patient safety, we use single-use disposable instruments.


Our Dental practice is located on a few minutes walk away from South Woodford tube station on the central line, along with our evening appointment availability we are ideal for commuters. Which means are patients are from not only Woodford, but also surrounding areas Wanstead, Leyton, Chigwell and more.

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The absolute best. I can’t thank the team enough for the care I’ve been given.


-Carin Abdulá