Root Canal Treatment

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Our teeth are very resilient but accidents and decay can happen. We do all we can to save teeth and protect your smile from dental decay. Through regular check-ups and hygiene treatments, we can keep on top of bacteria and its effect on your dental health. If bacteria has a chance of reaching the internal tissues of a tooth, it causes an infection and inflammation. Root canal treatment involves removing the tissue from inside the tooth, stopping the infection in its tracks while saving the tooth from being extracted.

What Is Root Canal Treatment?

All our natural teeth contain a chamber inside which houses soft tissues, blood vessels and nerves. Part of this chamber consists of the root canals, which are very narrow and stretch down to the tips of the tooth roots. Root canal treatment involves entering the tooth, removing the infected tissue and also reshaping the canals so all the tissues can be removed safely, fully treating the problem. The canals are sealed and the tooth filled.

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Why Do I Need A Root Canal?

Root canal treatment will save your natural tooth, eliminating any need to replace the tooth with further treatment. It will also deal with any pain caused through the infection, relieving you of persistent toothache.

Having a root canal has a bad reputation for being painful, but in truth it is very mild and no different to having a filling – which many people have had. At Bright & White Dental, we believe completely in a gentle and caring approach to dentistry. If you are nervous about having your treatment, we will help address your concerns and help you feel at ease.

What Does The Treatment Involve?

Root canal treatment spans across multiple appointments and the number of them depends on the size of the tooth that we need to treat.

We take x-rays to get an accurate picture of the inside of the tooth that we need to treat. This gives us a good idea of how long we think we need to remove the pulp, disinfect and reshape the canals and restore the tooth.

We always use a local anaesthetic to keep the treatment as comfortable as possible. During the treatment, we always make sure that you know exactly what is happening so you are completely at ease.

Between appointments, we cover the tooth with a temporary filling so the tooth is protected. At the end of the treatment, we rebuild the tooth with dental composite, leaving the hard, external structure looking just like a natural tooth.

Looking After Your Treated Tooth

While your tooth will now be safe from infection, it is still vulnerable to decay and gum disease. Your oral care regime at home will help protect your tooth and all your other teeth from bacteria, making sure you keep your beautiful smile healthy and whole throughout your life.

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