Invisalign East London
Teeth straightening with Invisalign in East London at Bright & White Dental means you’ll achieve the smile you’ve always wanted with minimal impact on your daily life. The discreet, removable and innovative Invisalign system for straightening teeth gradually moves them to a straighter position for a better, more healthy bite.

We offer flexible finance options with 3, 6, 10, 12 months interest free.

*This is based £500 deposit, representative 0% APR payments spread over 12 months, applies to current pricing.

Why have invisalign?

Fast and effective

Invisalign is ideal for moving crooked teeth into a straighter position, adjusting overcrowded teeth and filling in gaps in your smile. As they are designed for small movements, rather than more complex orthodontic cases, they only take a matter of months to achieve a straight smile.

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Clear and comfortable

Invisalign uses a pliable, clear plastic that fits perfectly to your teeth so there is no movement so no rubbing. As the plastic is clear, the aligners are very discreet, so much so that your peers and family may not know you have them in unless you tell them.

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Innovation in dental technology

At Bright & White Dental, we have digital scanning equipment that allows us to capture live images of your teeth. We can use these scans to manipulate virtual images of your teeth to predict how your smile will look following from the treatment. It gives you a way to try before you buy and preview what an impact straightening can make, bringing out the best in your smile.

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What does invisalign treatment involve?

Invisalign treatment tends to take around 6-12 months depending on how many sets of aligners there are and how much movement is needed. We’ll be able to give you a good idea of how long the treatment will take when we see you for your initial consultation.

The first appointment of the treatment involves taking digital impressions of your teeth. This is one of our favourite uses of the intra-oral camera as we can show you using special imaging software how invisalign will work and what your smile will look like after the treatment.

We send digital scans to the lab where your aligners are made. Multiple sets are custom-made. Each set is worn for two weeks until moving onto the next. They each move your teeth a small amount towards the desired position.

Once you are at the end of wearing the last set, we see you again to take more scans. These are used to create your retainer which looks similar to an aligner but is designed to keep your teeth from moving out of position.

Looking after your dental health and aligners

Healthy teeth make the treatment much more effective. As the aligners are removable, cleaning your teeth and keeping your mouth bacteria-free is simple. We will show you how to clear your aligners properly in the morning and evening.

We advise that you wear your aligners as much as possible, 20-24 hours a day. You can remove them when eating or for any special occasions. You need to be wearing them for them to work.

If you damage or lose an aligner, get in touch. We will have your scans on file and can have a replacement made for you. It’s always worth keeping the previously set of aligners so if you do have a problem with the current set, you can wear the previous one to stop your teeth from losing all their progress.

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