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Dental implants are often necessary whether due to an accident, aggressive gum disease or tooth decay, as teeth can come loose or need to be extracted. Having a gap in your smile can be a knock to your self-confidence, as well as having an impact on your oral health. Dental implants provide a fantastic solution as they fuse to the jaw bone, providing strong supports for replacement teeth to fit onto.

At Bright & White Dental in South Woodford, East London, we thoroughly assess the jaw bone before arranging dental implant surgery. Tooth implants rely on a suitable amount of bone density for them to fuse properly and do the best job they can at supporting new teeth. If there isn’t enough bone for dental implants, there are treatments available to replenish lost bone.

Implants from £52 a week*

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Why have dental implants?

If gaps are left in your smile, the jaw bone left behind naturally starts to degrade and diminish. It can cause a sunken appearance as the jaw shrinks. The same process happens even if you have dentures or a bridge. However, dental implants prevent this as they act similarly to natural tooth roots and give the bone a foundation, preventing natural shrinkage.

Dental implants are also very long-lasting. Titanium has a specific property in how it can form a strong, biological bond with bone. They are much more durable than bridges, which use adhesive to stay in place.

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What is involved in dental implant treatment?

First appointment

It takes several appointments for us to place an implant and restore a missing tooth. We start with an initial consultation where we discuss in detail your treatment plan and how long we envisage the treatment will take.



We take x-rays and scans of your mouth so we can get a clear picture of your jaw. It’s important that there is enough bone density to support an implant. We use these X-rays and scans to locate the best spot for us to place the implant. If we are replacing a single missing tooth, the implant will be placed where the tooth root used to be.

Placing a tooth implant

We always use anesthetic and make sure you are completely at ease when having the implant placed. We place a temporary crown or bridge at the site to keep the area protected while the implant fuses and heals. It takes a few months for the implant to fully fuse to the jawbone. Once it has healed, we arrange to expose the top of the implant so we can take impressions of the area.

Preparing for the restoration

Whether you are having a crown or a bridge affixed to your implant, we will need to take scans so we can create perfect replacement teeth. These are then used by a dental lab where your new teeth will be made from tooth-like porcelain. Once they have been crafted and sent back to us, we arrange for the fitting.

Fitting the replacement teeth

The fitting makes the treatment worth the wait when you can see yourself with a full smile again. We test the crowns or bridge before fitting them in place to check the fit and make sure that you are happy with the end result. We then fix them in place to the implant abutment using a special dental adhesive.

Looking after your implants

Just like with natural teeth, implants will last longer if you keep up with a regular and thorough cleaning routine. While the replacement teeth are resistant to bacteria, the supporting gum tissue and bone are not. Keeping your mouth clear of bacteria will make sure your implants last just as long as your natural teeth.

Want to speak to us about having dental implants?

We can arrange a video consultation with a dentist who can talk through dental implant treatment and how we can help. To book, just get in touch.

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