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Fastbraces are a great option if you wish to straighten teeth in a short amount of time. This revolutionary system takes between 3 months to a year, much shorter than conventional braces. Using a special patented design, these braces use small, triangular brackets. The triangular-shaped brackets allow for the use of just one wire. They can also be tooth coloured to make your braces match your teeth.

Fastbraces London

Why have Fastbraces?

Small and comfortable

The brackets are specially designed to be compact so they take as little space in the mouth as possible. They are easy to clean and maintain.


Using gradual movements guided by the wires, these braces encourage teeth towards a straighter position. They can correct “bad bites” or malocclusions, such as overbites, underbites, crowding/crooked teeth, spacing/gaps, open bite and crossbites.


For a more cosmetic option to metal braces, there is a tooth-coloured option for the brackets and the wire. You will be able to achieve a straighter, more healthy smile without feeling self-conscious about having braces.

What does treatment involve?

It’s important to have good dental health before starting straightening treatment. Your teeth and gums will respond more effectively to the treatment if they are in top health. Before we start the treatment, we’ll carry out a dental examination and also arrange to have your teeth thoroughly cleaned by a hygienist.

We take digital impressions of your mouth, capture accurate data about the position of your teeth. These scans are used to map out your treatment and are sent to the lab where your braces are custom made. We will see you again for the fitting. Once the brackets are in place, we talk you through oral care and how best to look after your braces during the treatment.

We will see you during the treatment to adjust the wire and tighten when your teeth achieve a step in the movement. Tightening the wire is essential to the treatment and moves your teeth closer to the end result.

When the treatment has finished, the braces come off and we see your straight smile properly for the first time. We take scans again and use these to make your retainer. Retainers are a crucial part to keeping your smile straight. Teeth have a habit to shift back into their old position. A retainer allows your teeth to settle in their new position and will also stop your teeth from moving out of place.

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