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We understand how the cost of dental care can put many people off receiving the care they need to keep their oral health in good shape.

General Dentistry

Treatment Price
Examination (includes x-rays) £50
Emergency appointment (includes x-rays) £80
Fillings (Tooth Coloured) Small £150
Fillings (Tooth Coloured) Medium £250
Fillings (Tooth Coloured) Large £350
Extraction (Simple) £190
Extraction (Surgical) £290
Crown (Tooth Coloured) £685
Crown (Gold) £685
Crown (Refixing) £60
Crown (Onlay/inlay tooth coloured) £685
Crown (Onlay/inlay Gold) £685
Veneers (Porcelain) £685
Bridge (Simple) £930
Bridge (Multiple teeth) £685 per unit
Dentures (Acrylic per arch) £650-750
Dentures (Metal per arch) £1000
Implant including crown £3100

All treatments include x-rays and all appointments necessary to complete treatment


Treatment Price
Consultation (includes xrays, photo’s & study models) £100
Cosmetic bonding £250 – 300 per tooth
Contouring £45 per tooth

Teeth Whitening

Treatment Price
Philips zoom! Home Whitening £350
Philips Zoom2! Combination Whitening £450
Enlighten £550

Teeth Straightening

Treatment Price
Consultation FREE
Fast braces £3500
Six month smiles £2800 – £3500
Invisalign £3500 – £4500

All our teeth straightening treatments include complimentary teeth whitening and retainers.

Dental Hygiene

Treatment Price
30 min routine scale and polish £75
30 min air flow £85
45 min scale and polish with airflow £95
1 hour advanced treatment with local anesthetic £150

Specialist Dental Treatments

Available exclusively with Gurwinder Singh Dhesi

Treatment Price
1 hour specialist consult £150
Implant consult/review 30mins £75
Xrays £10
OPG £50
Fillings £300 – £400
Emergency appointment 30mins £75
Temporary filling £90
Crown re-cement £90
Implant crown re-cement £180
Composite Bonding £450 per tooth
Crowns/Onlays/Veneers/Bridges from £1200 per unit
Crown lengthening £600 per tooth
Temporary crown (if required in the diagnostic phase in complex cases) £250
Digital smile design/mock up £350
Temporary denture £850
Simple £300
Complex £450
Impacted wisdom tooth £600
Anterior tooth £700
Posterior tooth £800
Re-RCT £900

Part of the above costs:

First stage RCT £300
Core build up £150
Post from £250 per post
Partial Acrylic from £1250
Complete acrylic from £1500
Metal framework from £2000
Home whitening £350
Enlighten £700
Clear retainer £200
Bonded retainer £250 per arch
Surgical stent £250
Implant placement £1800
Implant crown/bridge per unit definitive £1500
Implant temporary crown £500
Second stage £400
Bone graft £1000
Sinus lift £1500
Temporary retainer with tooth £350
Temporary denture £850

We have created a membership plan that takes the stress of a dental bill off your shoulders. The plan covers all your dental needs, protecting you if you ever need emergency treatment while looking after your preventative care.

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