How to Detox Your Way to Healthier Mouth and Teeth

January is a month of many things, a month which promises the start of New Year where your possibilities for a great year lay ahead. The optimism with which many people start the year is fantastic and contagious. Like most people, we’ve made some mental goals and promises to ourselves about how we will lose weight, drink less, sign up to the gym and actually go and the most common one- to start that diet detox!

After hearing from our patients on what their New Year Goals had been and how they were going we decided to put together a little guide on how you can tweak those diet smoothies, mix up your morning routine and power up those lunch boxes to help you make sure your teeth and mouth get a New Year refresh too!

Juicing is great for the skin, but not so kind to the teeth

If you have decided to give juicing a try you’ll soon see it’s a great way to get all those yummy nutrients and vitamins from your favourite (and not so favourite) fruit and vegetables.

Use a straw & protect that enamel!

There are a few things to be aware of when juicing when it comes to your teeth. Like fizzy drinks, fruits also contain sugars (natural and better for you!), but can also be quite acidic. This acidity can lead to softening of the enamel which can cause sensitive teeth. We don’t recommend swapping back to fizzy soft drinks-instead we recommend you use a recyclable straw (paper, metal, bamboo or glass) which will help to minimise contact with your teeth and to drink water alongside the juice.

Mix it up – Eat the fruit as Nature Intended

When you liquidise the fruit to make your juice you release more of the sugars within the fruit. So instead of juicing, why not chop up that fruit and enjoy a fruit salad. Not only are you still getting your vitamins and maintaining those goals you’ll keep yourself from becoming bored and enjoy a bit of variety in your diet of different textures and flavours and reduce the erosive effects of the acid.

Smoothie Bowls for those Instagrammable Breakfast Moments

Smoothie bowls are a fun, healthy and delicious breakfast alternative. A trend for instagrammable breakfasts has given rise to some beautifully crafted bowls of fruit, granola, smoothie and nuts. If getting artistic is a part of your 2020 goals then these are a great way to get started! However, just like juicing there are some things to watch out for.

All the Colours of the Rainbow -but just not on your pearly whites

With bowls that include ingredients such as kale, spinach, spirulina and beetroot, you need to pay care to staining. Just like coffee and red wine, some of your smoothie bowls may contain ingredients that can stain the teeth. If your smoothie is in a drink form we recommend as before using an eco friendly straw to help keep those teeth white.

Smoothies are a less acidic option to the juice due to the use of yoghurt. However, do check the yoghurts nutrition content as some yoghurts contain hidden sugars!

To give your smoothie an additional boost try using coconut oil which has some great antibacterial and antiviral benefits.

The Lunchbox Detox

With hectic work schedules, it is often easier to grab something quick and easy from the nearest supermarket local/express, coffee shop or fast food place round the corner from the office. Not only is this not great for the bank balance, but it’s also not so friendly for the waistline but also not ideal for your oral hygiene and health!

If you can prep your lunch from home, below are some of our teeth friendly snacks you can include which are great for all the family.

  • Cheese and yoghurts are a great source of calcium and phosphorus, these foods help to repair our tooth enamel
  • Celery and carrot stick batons with organic hummus
  • Broccoli and leafy greens are another source of vitamins minerals to keep the teeth enamel healthy
  • Eggs are rich in protein and phosphates which help in the mineralisation of teeth

If grabbing food on the go is your only option here some quick tips for ensuring your mouth feels fresh and your teeth stay protected!

  • Drink water with your meal of choice to help wash away any of the acidic effects of the food
  • Floss, after you have eaten, will help to reduce tooth decay and gum disease
  • If you can brush your teeth, however, don’t do this straight after the meal as you can add to the stress the enamel by just moving the acid around your mouth.
  • If you use mouthwash twice a day you should refrain from using it again. However, if you have a meeting and feel that you need it, opt for a gentler one from your usual mouthwash.

These are just some of the more practical and simpler ways in which you can ensure your oral health benefits as well as your mind and body which are effective as part of a wider dental healthcare routine.

To get your dental health care off to a flying start this New Year why not book in for a check up at our dental hygiene centre.

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