Give Your Teeth Some Love This Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day Toothbrushes

Give Your Teeth Some Love This Valentine’s Day

With today being the perfect way to celebrate your love with a partner, your family or friend, or your furry little companions why not show your teeth some love also before you pucker up or snuggle up this Valentine’s Day.


Whether you have plans for after work with your friends or your intimate evening in, we have pulled together some tips and tricks that will leave you confident that if nothing else goes to plan your smile and breath won’t let you down!


Banish the Bad Breath!


Even those of us with an impeccable daily oral health routine (Twice daily brushing, flossing, and rinse) aren’t immune to bad breath. According to a survey from the Oral Health Foundation, a whopping  85% of British adults looking for a new partner would be put off by bad breath. The issue of bad breath ranks higher than bad jokes, bad dress sense, being late (even the fashionable kind!) and bad manners with British singles. 


Firstly, we recommend for the long term that the below routine should be treated as somewhat of  a ritual – in the evening or morning, use the few minutes to either lose yourself in thought or take some time to mentally prep for the day/morning ahead


  1. Floss your teeth using an air floss or environmentally friendly floss
  2. Brush your teeth for approx. 2 minutes with a toothpaste that is suitable for your needs and always leave brushing your teeth for at least 40 minutes after you have eaten
  3. Use a mouthwash of your  choice gargle, rinse and spit!


However, your minty fresh breath needs to last you through that lovely morning coffee, the biscuits on Sandra’s desk and that leftover pasta bake you had for lunch.


If you don’t have any where you can go to, to brush your teeth, at least carry some floss as this will get rid of any food trapped at the back and in between teeth, helping to reduce the staleness of your breath and avoid any unsightly green stuff being stuck there! If your not sure on how to floss – check out our handy guide on How to Floss. You can also carry a handy travel sized bottles of your favourite mouthwash with you discreetly. 


Eat The Sweet Stuff 


Valentine’s day is a great way to indulge, especially after the purge that was January. But watch out, not all of those sugary sweet treats will make you feel, or smell good long after they’ve passed your lips. Sugar feeds bad smelling bacteria, and where possible avoid it! If you are looking at using gum or mints to help freshen your breath then look out for ones that use xylitol as a sweetener as these will give you a sweet tasting mint but without the bacteria feeding and calorie laden sugar!


If you’re looking to share a sweet treat with someone special or with yourself, then avoid any that have sugary, creamy fillings such as caramel, gummy bears or chewy sweets as these contain sugary nasties that will cling to your tooth enamel. Instead opt for solid chocolate hearts or bars, better yet if these are dark chocolate which contain less sugar and have some antioxidant properties.


H20 The Secret Weapon


H20 May seems boring and dull, especially when compared to its more fun, bright and fizzy counterparts – the sugary drink. Keeping hydrated is not only key to helping you avoid that dry mouth moment when your nerves kick in, it will help you produce oxygen containing saliva which helps prevent the growth of smelly bacteria in your mouth. 


It’s also a great way to rinse away any acid from food or sugar infused drinks throughout the day helping to protect your enamel. You can also use a good old glass of H2O in between any alcoholic drinks you may have on your special evening, helping you to enjoy the evening for longer and to reduce the impact of hangover the next day!


If you have been following the above previously or have noticed any changes in your breaths smell, it would be wise to book an appointment with your dentist as this good be a sign of something more serious. 


Get in touch with our team on  020 3962 0937, email us on or directly book an appointment for a check up.

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